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    Compiling converts the text source files into object file format. Once
    in object format, all compiled files can be linked together to form one
    help file. Compiling is accomplished by invoking the Expert Help
    Compiler (EHC.EXE) and identifying each text file that will
    make up your new help file. (IE. EHC file1 file2 file3). Before each text
    source file can be linked into a single help file, it must first
    be compiled. Compiling converts each text file into an object file with
    an extension of .EHO.

    To compile SOURCE1.TXT, type:

          C:\EH>EHC SOURCE1.TXT

    In response to this instruction, the compiler will create a file called
    SOURCE1.EHO. This file is translated into a form that is suitable for
    linking with EHML.EXE (the menu linker).

         Multiple text files can be named on the same command line
         (IE. EHC file1 file2 file3).

    The next step to the creation of a completed Expert Help file is
    linking. To link, we must have a menu link control file. This file
    contains the instructions that the linker (EHML.EXE) needs when linking
    our help file.

    Press the Gray + key to jump to the next topic (long entry).


See Also: Linking

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