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  !Short: Short Topics
    As you can see when popping up the EH Display Window (with Creating
    Your Own Help File selected), that when you pick the first item (Source
    Files) under the Creating menu you are presented with a list of short

    Let's re-create that list in our text file. Using your text editor or
    word processor, type the following line:

    !short: Creating Source Files   An Overview                         

    The !short: command tells the compiler that the rest of the line
    defines a short topic. The !short: command is known as a bang
    command. Bang commands are simply instructions to the Expert Help
    Compiler and Menu Linker. All bang commands must begin at column 1
    (the leftmost column in your text editor).

         The column position at which you type the short topic text is
         not critical. Text can be typed anywhere on the line after the
         !short: command. The text file you are creating should be stan-
         dard ASCII (no embedded format commands or control characters,
         such as form feeds). Such characters won't harm anything (the
         Expert Help Compiler lets you include any standard or extended
         ASCII character in the text of a help file), they will simply
         appear as a bunch of smiley faces, playing cards, and other
         assorted symbols.

    Let's add two more short topics to our help file, so that your file
    looks like this:

    !short: Creating Source Files             An Overview              
    !short: Text Source Files                 About Source Files       
    !short: Long Entries and Short Topics     Basic Building Blocks    

    Let's compile what we have so far. Save this file as SOURCE1.TXT and
    exit your editor.

    Press the Gray + key to jump to the next topic (long entry).


See Also: Organization of Text Files !File:

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