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  Organization of Text Files:
    As stated earlier, Expert Help file is made up of text files. In order
    that the right text be found in a timely manner, we must use commands
    that identify the text as a certain type. The two basic types of text
                   Short Topics
                   Long Entries
    The first level is made up of a Short Topic List. Text is declared as a
    Short Topic with the command !short:. Each Short Topic cannot
    exceed one line of text.
    The second type of text within a help file is the Long Entry. There is
    no command that specifies text as a long entry, it is simply a block of
    text that is positioned between two Short Topics. A Short Topic List
    can have one Long Entry for every Short Topic in the list.

    Go to the next topic (long entry) and we will begin our help file by
    defining some short topics.

    Press the Gray + key to Jump to the next topic (long entry).


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