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  Creating Your Own Expert Help File - An Overview:
    The creation of an Expert Help file is a very simple and straight-
    forward process. Expert Help files are developed with a two tier
    structure. The first level is like a table of contents, with the
    second level providing a more detailed description of the subject.

    There are basically three steps to Help File creation.

    1. Organizing your information into text files that the Help
       Compiler can understand.

    2. Compiling your text files.

    3. Link all the text files together into one Help file that is
       compatible with the Expert Help Engine.

    The following section will provide an in depth look at creating
    Help Files.

         Before we start, you should have the following files in your

                EHC.EXE       The Expert Help Compiler
                EHML.EXE      The Expert Help Menu Linker

         And the following tutorial files.
                CREATING.NG   A sample Expert Help File
                COLOR.EHO     A sample object file
                KEYWORD.EHO   A sample object file

    We are going to partially re-create the sample help file (Creating
    Your Own Help File) supplied with Expert Help. Before we continue,
    pop up the EH Display Window and load the sample Help File. This is
    done by selecting the pressing  F2  and scroll down until the
    highlight is on Creating Your Own Help File and press <Enter>.

    Quickly familiarize yourself with the layout of this help file.

         For convenience, when we talk about menus in this tutorial,
         we are talking about user defined menus which start after
         the  Expand  menu.

    Press the Gray + key to jump to the next topic (long entry).


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