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  !File: Pointing to Information in Another File:
    So far we have been dealing with a two-level help file consisting of
    short topic list that expand to underlying long entries. However, we
    can also have a short topic expand to a separate Short Topic List.
    Unlike a long entry, which can be typed directly under its short topic,
    a list of short topics must be placed in a separate file. We can also
    place a single long entry in a file by itself and expand to it from a
    short topic. The !file: command allows us to accomplish both of these

    Example of expanding from a short topic to a separate list of short
    topics (in another EHO file).

    !short: Keywords    Definitions and Usage.                          
    !file: KEYWORD.EHO                                                  

    Example of expanding to a long entry under a short topic in a separate
    file. This method will jump directly to the long entry associated with
    the target Short Topic:

    !short: Keywords    Definitions and Usage.                          
    !file: KEYWORD.EHO:Keywords                                         

    Example of expanding to a single long entry contained in a separate file:

    !short Compiling    A Description.                                  
    !file: SOURCE2.EHO                                                  

    This ends the tutorial session. Refer to the reference section for a
    more detailed look at each command and how it is implemented.


See Also: !Short: Organization of Text Files

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