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  Adding Another Menu:
    Let's add another menu to our help file and let's create two menu items
    to go with our new menu. To do this we need to tell the menu link
    control file the name of the new menu. Once again we will use the
    !menu: command. Instead of creating new files, we will use two files
    included with the tutorial file set (KEYWORD.EHO and COLOR.EHO). These
    files are supplied in compiled form.

    Let's call our new menu Reference. Within this Reference menu we will
    create two menu items. The first called Keywords and second called
    Error Messages.

    Open TUTCREAT.LNK and add three lines at the end of the link file, so
    that it reads:

    !name: Tutorial Creation                                            
    !menu: Creating                                                     
           Source Files         SOURCE1.EHO                             
           Compiling            SOURCE2.EHO                             
    !menu: Reference                                                    
           Keywords             KEYWORD.EHO                             
           Color Chart          COLOR.EHO                               

    Save the file and let's link. Type:

              EHML TUTCREAT.LNK

    Now you have an Expert Help file with two menus, each with two menu

    Press the Gray + key to jump to the next topic (long entry).


See Also: Creating the Menu Link Control File

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