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  Adding Another Menu Item:
    Now let's add another menu item to our help file. This is done by telling
    the menu link control file the menu item name and the name of the
    compiled file that contains the text for the item. Let's call our new
    menu item "Compiling". This menu item will point to the compiled file
    that we have just created, SOURCE2.EHO.

    Open the menu link control file, TUTCREAT.LNK. Add one more line to the
    end of TUTCREAT.LNK, so that it looks like this:

    !name: Tutorial Creation                                            
    !menu: Creating                                                     
           Source Files         SOURCE1.EHO                             
           Compiling            SOURCE2.EHO                             

    Now let's save the file, exit your editor and compile the text file.
              EHC SOURCE2.TXT

    Now let's link the new help file.
              EHML TUTCREAT.LNK

    Pop up the EH Display Window. Our help file should now have two menu
    items. The second menu item Compiling should expand to a long entry
    contained in SOURCE2.EHO. The first line of the long description
    should be in bold and you should see  Related Topics  in the upper
    left corner of the long entry. Press <enter> to open the Related Topics
    Menu and select the reference Creating Source.

    The display will jump to the Long Entry associated with the Topic
                      Creating Source
    If you open the Related Topics Menu, you can select  PREVIOUS ENTRY  and
    jump back to the previous long entry.

    Press the Gray + key to jump to the next topic (long entry).


See Also: Creating the Menu Link Control File

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