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  Long Entries:
    A Long Entry is text that a Short Topic Expands to. A Long Entry can
    be specified 3 different ways within a help file.

    1. Any text that is positioned between a !short: command and a
       !seealso: command.

    2. Any text between two !short: commands

    3. Text contained in a separate file. This text is pointed to with
       the !file: command or directly as a menu item.

    Let's enter a long entry after the first !short:.

    Load SOURCE1.TXT into your editor, position the cursor on the
    line after the first !short:. Type the following lines:

    !short: Creating Source Files             An Overview               
   +                 An Expert Help File is created from two            
   |                 different kinds of source files:                   
   |                 Text source files which contain the text that      
 +-|                 appears in the display window.                     
 | |                                                                    
 | |                 The Menu Link Control File which defines the       
 | |                 menu structure.                                    
 | +                                                                    
 |  !short: Text Source Files                 About Source Files        
 |  !short: Long Entries and Short Topics     Basic Building Blocks     
 +---------- This text is a LONG ENTRY.

    We have just created a long entry. As you can see, for a long entry, all
    you do is type the text directly below the short topic that expands to
    it. Type the text exactly as you want it to appear in the display
    window. (The Expert Help display window is 78 characters wide, text
    beyond that will be truncated when processed for display). This Long
    Entry will be displayed by Expanding the Short Topic...
               Creating Source Files.

    Let's re-compile and re-link to verify that. Save the file, exit your
    editor and at the DOS prompt, type:

               EHC SOURCE1.TXT <press enter>

        when finished

               EHML TUTCREAT.LNK <press enter>

    Now pop-up the EH Display Window, select the help file...
               Tutorial Creation

    Try expanding the first Short Topic in the list by pressing the
    enter key. The first Short Topic now Expands to a Long Entry.

    Press the Gray + key to jump to the next topic (long entry).


See Also: Organization of Text Files

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