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  Data Text Files

    Data Text Files can contain either a...
                   ...single Long Entry
                   a list of Short Topics and Long Entries.
    A single long entry has the simplest format, which is many lines of
    text in free-form style. Free-form text is any text that does not
    begin with a bang (exclamation point) command in column 1. Most
    tables, text, and other descriptive information is created as a
    single Long Entry. A Data Text File can also contain a list of
    Short Topics, with Long Entries underneath (optional).

         !short: short topic description                                
            [text of long entry | !file: filename.eho[:"short topic"]]  
         [!seealso: references]                                         
         [!short: short description]                                    


         text of long entry                                             

         [...] refers to elements that are optional and | means that you
         can choose either option. (See the section on Long Entries for
         more details.)

         !short: must begin in column 1 to be recognized as the start
         of the short topic. Data files are ASCII text files and can
         have any name you choose with any file extension other than
         .EHO, .EH and .NGO .NG. The data for each menu item must be in
         a separate source file. In other words, two menu items will
         require at least two Data Text Files.

    The commands that are used in Data Text files are:

    !short:     Begin a short topic entry.

    !file:      Displays a short topic list or a long entry from
                another file when you expand the current short topic.

    !seealso:   Creates a (Related Topics:) cross reference link to
                related Long Entries or Short Topics.

    '           A comment line. The ' must be in column 1.

    ''          Two single quotes in column 1 is a '.

    !!          In column 1 is displayed as a single !

    Plus all the character attributes, as described under Character

    Press the Gray + key to Jump to the next topic (long entry).


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