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  !Short: - Short Topics

    Short topics provide a concise summary of a topic (index) and serve
    as an pointer to a more complete description (long entry) of the topic.
    Each short topic list can be up to 64k (65,000) characters or 2000
    lines in length. Each short topic can have up to 65,000 characters
    of long entry text located immediately after the short topic that it
    will be associated with.

              text of long entry                                        
         [!seealso: references]                                         


         !file: filename.eho                                            




         !file: filename.eho:text-of-a-short-item                       

    A short topic is a single line of text. Short topics generally appear
    as part of a list with other short topics; the list can be thought of
    as an index that points to longer, more complete descriptions. These
    underlying descriptions are accessed via the Expand menu of the
    Expert Help File.

    A short topic can point to either a single long entry or to another
    list of short topics. A short topic must begin with the command
    !short:, starting in column 1. All text after the colon, including
    spaces and tabs, will appear in the text of the short topic in the
    help file, exactly as it was typed into the Data Text File (with the
    exception of the special handling of ^ (caret) character sequences).

       A !short: without long text or !file: command can be used as a place
       marker to display characters or text that does not point to any other
       entries. (such as a series of ---------------- characters). This type
       of short topic will not expand when you press the <enter> key.
                   !short: ---------------------------------
                   !short: Spices
                      Spices are essential to any kitchen.
                      Oregano, Clove.....................
                      .........[Long Text]...............

    Press the Gray + key to Jump to the next topic (long entry).


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