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  Long Entries - The Second Level (A more detailed description).

    Long entries provide more detailed information than is available in the
    single line allowed for short topics. Long entries are scrollable and
    may be up to 64k (65,000) characters or 2000 lines in length. Each long
    entry is normally associated with a short topic. A single long entry can
    also be referenced as a menu item (IE. a color chart).

           [!short: short topic description]                              
           one or more lines of text                                      
           [!seealso: references to other entries]                        

    Long entries are the "meat" of an Expert Help file. Generally, this
    is where most of the information in a help file will be found.

    A Long Entry is normal text entered into a Data Text File. Any text
    following a Short Topic (and not preceded by a bang command - !short:,
    !file:, or !seealso:), is assumed by the help compiler to be a Long
    Entry associated with the Short Topic directly above it.

    Like Short Topics, a Long Entry can include the bold, underline,
    reverse and special video attributes; As with short topics, all
    text, including spaces and tabs, will appear in the text of the
    short topic in the help file, exactly as it was typed into the
    source file (with the exception of the special handling of the ^
    (caret) character sequences described under Character Attributes).

    A Long Entry is the last entry in the chain and can never be Expanded
    to reveal another entry. However, within a Long Entry, you can use the
    !seealso: command to define cross references that will allow you to
    jump directly from the Long Entry to a related Long Entry or Short
    Topic list.

    Press the Gray + key to Jump to the next topic (long entry).


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