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  !Credits - Include your Copyright and Credits

    You may wish to include a copyright notice in your help file. In
    response to the !credits: command, the linker will insert up to a
    five-line copyright notice near the beginning of the Expert Help file.
    In addition to appearing in the file, the text that follows the
    !credits: command also appears at the bottom of the help screen (press

         up to five lines of 65 characters each                         

    The !credits: command, if used, must be in the menu link control file
    between the !name field and the first menu definition:

         !name: Help File Name                                          
                     Your Help File Name                                
                        by Your Name                                    
             Copyright (c) 1992, Your Company Name                      
                    All Rights Reserved                                 
         !menu: First menu name                                         

    The text in the !credits field can be of any type. Although we expect
    most people to use this field for copyright or file credit notices.

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