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  !NoMenu:  - Create a Help File with No Menu Definitions

    The !nomenu: command lets you create a help file without menus.

           !NoMenu: Filename.EHO                                        

         Lets you create a help file that has no menu definitions.
         !Nomenu: Specifies a single compiled short topic list that
         is to be linked and made into a help file. The short topic
         list can point to many other files via the !file: command.
         A single long entry could be used, but since there would be
         no list of short topics, you would only be able to pop-up/down
         the EH Display Window with the Hot-Key or <F10>.
         The !NoMenu: <filename.eho> acts like a table of contents for the
         overall help file. With the use of character attributes you can
         create a very effective "table of content" look.

  Example of a !nomenu: table of contents design.
  | Welcome to Expert Help                                                  |
  |    System Requirements of the Expert Help Engine                        |
  |    Expert Help Engine - Features                                        |
  |                                                                         |
  | Using Expert Help                                                       |
  |    Running Expert Help                                                  |
  |    Running Expert Help in DESQview.                                     |
  |    Keys that Navigate the EH Display Window                             |
  |    Summary of the Pull Down Menus                                       |
  |                                                                         |
  | About Help Files                                                        |
  |    Using an Expert Help File                                            |
  |    Related Topics (Cross References)                                    |
  |                                                                         |
  | Features of the Expert Help Engine - Description and Usage.             |
  |    The F1 Options Menu.                                                 |
  |    Select File          Selecting a new Help File.                      |
  |    Text Search          Searching for Information in the Help File.     |
  |    Find Next            Finding the Next Match to your Text Search.     |
  |    Leave Image          Returning to your Work while viewing Expert Help|
  |    Auto-Lookup          Automatically Looks up the Word at the Cursor.  |
  |    Mark and Paste       Marking Text in the Help File and Pasting it.   |
  |    Mark and Print       Marking Text and Sending it to your Printer.    |
  |    Full Screen          Full Screen Mode / Half Screen Mode Toggle.     |
  |    Set Colors           Selecting Colors for Expert Help.               |
  |    Set Hot-Key          Selecting a New Hot-Key.                        |
  |    Uninstall            Unloading Expert Help From Memory.              |
  |    Save Options         Saving the Options that you have selected.      |

         !NoMenu: must be specified before any !Menu: commands. When the
         linker encounters a !NoMenu: command it stops reading the rest of
         the link file and starts creating the help file. Because of this
         you can have you !Menu: structure defined below it without a
         need to comment it out with the ' character. When you want to
         do a full compile, simply place a ' character in front of the
         !NoMenu: command. It will then be treated as a comment line.

    Press the Gray + key to Jump to the next topic (long entry).


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