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Syntax: CH_AINIT( <arrayC>, <value1> [, <value2> ...] )

Fills array with specified enumerated list.


DECLARE scatterlist[3]
CH_AINIT(scatterlist, "Name", "Phone", "Salary")


The items in the list do not need to be of the same data type.

If the list is longer than the array size, then trailing values are ignored.

If the array is longer that than the list, then trailing elements are

The size of list is generally limited to a maximum of fifty items, depending
on Clipper's available parameter stack.

5.0: Arrays can be initialized in Clipper 5.0 with the {} construction.  The
example above can be accomplished in Clipper 5.0 with the command:

     DECLARE scatterlist[3] = { "Name", "Phone", "Salary" }

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