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Copyright     1991 Communication Horizons.  All rights reserved.
GETIT.CH      GetIt Clipper Header file for 5.0
CH_AINIT      Fills array with specified enumerated list.
CH_ALT        Returns the numeric value of the specified Alt+key: A through Z
CH_ASC1       Returns Ascii value of character at specified position.
CH_ASC2       Returns two byte unsigned starting at specified string position.
CH_ASC4       Returns four byte unsigned integer starting at specified string location
CH_ASC8       Returns 8 byte IEEE floating point starting at specified string position.
CH_CHR1       Overwrites one byte in memory-variable at position with Ascii value.
CH_CHR2       Overwrites two bytes in memory-variable with unsigned integer.
CH_CHR4       Overwrites four bytes in memory variable with signed long integer.
CH_CHR8       Overwrites eight bytes in memory variable with IEEE double floating point.
CH_CTRL       Returns the numeric value of the specified Ctrl+key.
CH_FLDNUM     Returns the number of the specified field in the currently selected area.
CH_HEXFMBIN   Converts binary string to hex string
CH_HEXTOBIN   Converts hex string to binary string
CH_ISMEMO     Returns .T. if specified field is a memo field.
CH_RPAD       Returns string padded with spaces to the specified length.
CH_STRH       Returns hex string from numeric value.
CH_SWAPCOL    Swaps standard and enhanced colors in current SET COLOR setting.
CH_VALH       Returns numeric value from hex string.
CH_VARTYPE    Returns data type of memory variable.
N_ANYKEY      Calls user defined procedure when any "program-detectable" key is pressed.
N_DELGET      Removes specified item from the Get List.
N_GATHER      Gathers (replaces) database fields with data from specified array.
N_GETALIAS    Returns alias-> associated with specified Get.
N_GETCOL      Returns screen column of specified Get.
N_GETLINE     Returns line number in the executing procedure when Event Trap occurred.
N_GETNO       Returns current or specified Get number.
N_GETPIC      Returns and optionally modifies the picture of the specified Get.
N_GETPROC     Returns name of executing procedure when Event Trap occurred.
N_GETROW      Returns screen row of specified Get.
N_GETVALID    Returns Valid clause for specified Get.
N_GETVAR      Returns variable name associated with specified Get number.
N_GOTOGET     Move cursor to specified input field.
N_LASTGET     Returns number of input fields on screen.
N_MOVEGET     Reorders the second Get to be in front of the first Get.
N_NEWFLD      Calls user-defined procedure when cursor moves to new `GET' field.
N_NOKEY       Calls user defined procedure if a key is not pressed within specified time.
N_ONCOM1      Calls a procedure when carrier on, carrier off or ring detected on COM1.
N_ONCOM2      Calls a procedure when carrier on, carrier off or ring detected on COM2.
N_ONEXPR      Calls a procedure when logical-expression becomes true.
N_ONMOUSE     Calls user defined procedure when a key is pressed on the mouse device.
N_ONSHIFT     Calls user-defined procedure when shift or lock key is pressed or released.
N_ONTICK      Calls user defined procedure repeatedly on a regular interval.
N_ONTIME      Calls user-defined procedure after #seconds has elapsed (up to 65535).
N_PAUSEINT    Disables | Enables Event Trap interrupts.
N_REGET       Redisplays specified Get(s)
N_RESTATTR    Restores screen attributes from a memory variable created by N_SAVEATTR.
N_RESTEVE     Restores Event Trap vector from a memory variable
N_RESTGETS    Restore `Get' list from memory variable created by N_SAVEGETS.
N_RESTKEYS    Restores SET KEY settings from memory variable created by N_SAVEKEYS.
N_SAVEATTR    Saves screen attributes to a memory variable.
N_SAVEEVE     Save current Event Trap vector to a memory variable.
N_SAVEGETS    Saves `Get' list to be restored at a later time with N_RESTGETS.
N_SAVEKEYS    Saves current SET KEY settings, to be restored by N_RESTKEYS.
N_SCATTER     Scatters (stores) database fields to specified array.
N_SCHAR       Returns screen character(s) starting at specified position.
N_SCOLOR      Returns color at specified position on screen.
N_SFIELD      Returns the Get number of the field under the specified coordinates.
N_SPLITA      Returns alias-> portion of variable name.
N_SPLITE      Returns element number of array element clause.
N_SPLITN      Returns name portion of variable name.
N_UPDATED     Compares array values to DBF fields
N_WSTATE      Returns single character abbreviation of current wait-state
N_ZAPKEYS     Clears all SET KEY settings.

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