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Syntax: N_ONTICK([<secondsN> [,<procedureC>]])

Calls user defined procedure repeatedly on a regular interval.

N_ONTICK() with no parameters return time until next interrupt.


* Display time of day
* refresh every 10 seconds
attr = N_SAVEATTR()     && save screen attributes
@ 1,0 SAY TIME()


<secondsN> can be from 0.1 to 65535 seconds (about 18 hours). However,
timing is not precise, and you cannot use it to accurately clock real-time
events.  Also, the more frequently a procedure is called, the more it will
interfere with the normal program execution.

N_ONTICK is active at all times.  It should be disabled with N_ONTICK(0)
when not needed.

N_ONTICK() with no parameters, returns the number of seconds remaining
until the next event.

N_ONTICK(<secondsN>) with no second parameter alters the time interval
without changing the procedure.

See Also: N_ONTIME

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