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Syntax: CH_CHR8(<expN> [,@<memvarC> [,<positionN>]])

Overwrites eight bytes in memory variable with IEEE double floating point.


* Store eight-byte IEEE representation of 3.14159 into string bytes 9-16
Pi = 3.1415926

* Returns eight-character IEEE representation of Pi as character string
? CHR8(Pi)


The specified number is "poked" into the character memory-variable starting
at the specified position (default position = 1).  The number is stored in
IEEE eight-byte floating point format.  The variable name must be prefixed
with '@' to be updated properly.

Do not store data beyond the end of the string.

CH_CHR8(<expN>) with no second parameter returns the IEEE eight-byte
character representation of the specified number.  It is similar to
Clipper's CHR function but returns eight bytes instead of one.

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