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Syntax: N_DELGET([<getN>|<variableC>])

Removes specified item from the Get List.


N_DELGET()                         && remove current Get

N_DELGET(2)                        && remove the 2nd Get

N_DELGET(N_GETNO()+1)              && remove the next Get

N_DELGET("Cust->name")             && remove cust->name Get


After an item is removed from the GetList, the cursor will no longer stop
there.  If an invalid Get is specified, or if no Gets are active, no action
is taken.

If no parameter is specified then the current Get is assumed.  The cursor
will automatically move to the next active Get.  If there is no next Get
(i.e., the deleted Get was at the bottom of the list), the cursor will move
to prior Get.  If the last Get is deleted (i.e., the list is empty), the
Read will be terminated.

87:  When a Get is deleted, the Get number of all variables further down in
     the list will be decremented by one.  In addition, the total number of
     Gets, as returned by N_LASTGET, will also be decremented by one.

5.0: When a Get is deleted, all Get numbers, as well as the total number of
     Gets remains unchanged.  Thus, tasks based on get number will not have
     to be rearranged.


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