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Syntax: N_REGET([<getN> [,<getN>]])

Redisplays specified Get(s)


* Redisplay all Gets

* Redisplay all Gets from firstname to, and including, lastname
N_REGET("firstname", "lastname")


N_REGET is generally used after returning from a lower level Read which may
have changed Gets in the higher level Read.

If no parameters are specified, all Gets are redisplayed with their current

If one parameter is specified, then only that Get is redisplayed.
N_REGET(N_GETNO()) is generally not needed since Clipper will automatically
redisplay the current Get after resuming the Read operation.

If two parameters are specified, then all the Gets are redisplayed from the
the first Get up to and including the second Get.  If the second Get is
before the first Get in the Read list, then no action is taken.

If N_REGET is used in combination with RESTORE SCREEN, then N_REGET should
be issued after RESTORE SCREEN.


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