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Syntax: N_ONEXPR(<secondsN>,<procedureC>,<logical-expressionC>)

Calls a procedure when logical-expression becomes true.


* call procedure TIMEOUT when clock reaches 1:00 pm

N_ONEXPR(10,"timeout",[TIME() > "13:00:00"])


The expression must be passed as a character string since it will be
evaluated as a macro.

The expression will be evaluated every <seconds> seconds.  In the example
above, it will be evaluated once every ten seconds.  <seconds> can be
from 0.1 to 65535 seconds (about 18 hours).  However, timing is not precise,
and you cannot use it to accurately clock real-time events.  Also, the
more frequently an expression is evaluated, the more it will interfere with
the normal program execution.

The expression must be valid at the time it is evaluated or a Clipper
error will occur.

N_ONEXPR is active at all times until deactivated by N_ONEXPR("") with a
null string.

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