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         Command Reference
 -a+     Turn off archive attribute of added files
 -b      Create temporary .ZIP file on alternate drive
 -c      Create/Edit file comments for all files
 -d      Delete files
 -e      Specify compression method
 -f      Freshen files in a .ZIP file
 -h      Display command summary (Help)
 -i      Add files that have the archive attribute
 -j      Specify masking of file attributes
 -k      Retain original .ZIP file date
 -l      Display license screen
 -m      Move files
 -o      Set .ZIP file date to oldest file in .ZIP file
 -P      Preserve specified path names
 -q      Enable ANSI comments
 -r      Recurse subdirectories
 -s      Encrypt files
 -t      Select files NEWER than or EQUAL to date
 -u      Update files
 -v      View (brief) file information
 -w      Take hidden, system files
 -x      Exclude files
 -z      Create or modify a .ZIP file comment
 -!      Encrypt authenticity verifiable data into the .ZIP file          (R)
 @       Specify LIST file
 -&      Create multi-volume archive
 -$      Store Volume label as part of .ZIP archive
 -@      Generate LIST file
 -=      Open file in compatibility mode

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