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    Return              <Enter>

    The Return command behaves differently depending on Insert mode and
    AutoIndent mode.

    If Insert mode is OFF, the cursor is positioned at the first column
    of the next line.

    If Insert mode is ON, the current cursor line is split at the cursor
    position and any text to the right of and including the cursor
    position is placed on a new line following the current line.  If the
    cursor is past the last character on the line, then a blank line is
    added following the current line.  The cursor is then moved to the
    first column of the new line.

    If AutoIndent is ON, spaces are inserted ahead of the cursor
    position to align it with the text on the previous line.

    If AutoIndent is OFF, the text is moved to the beginning of the
    next line.

    The Return command can be configured to split or not to split lines
    when Insert mode is ON.  Refer to the "Advanced Options" section of
    Chapter 2 for more information.

See Also: SplitLine ToggleInsert ToggleIndent Editing

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