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 *                  Multiplication                            Operator
 +                  Addition/Concatenation                    Operator
 -                  Subtraction/Negation                      Operator
 /                  Division                                  Operator
 <                  Less than                                 Operator
 <=                 Less than or Equal to                     Operator
 <>                 Not Equal to                              Operator
 =                  Equal to/Assignment                       Operator
 >                  Greater than                              Operator
 >=                 Greater than or Equal to                  Operator
 \                  Integer Division                          Operator
 ^                  Exponentiation                            Operator
 $COM               Allocate Serial Port Receive Space
 $DYNAMIC           Declare Arrays Dynamic by Default
 $EVENT             Enable/Disable Event Trapping
 $IF/$ELSE/$ENDIF   Define Conditional Compilation
 $INCLUDE           Include File
 $INLINE            Declare Machine Code in Inline Procedure
 $SEGMENT           Declare New Code Segment
 $SOUND             Declare Size of Background Music Buffer
 $STACK             Declare Size of Runtime Stack
 $STATIC            Declare Arrays Static by Default
 '                  Comment
 ABS                Absolute Value
 AND                Logical AND                               Operator
 ASC                ASCII Value of First Character
 ATN                Arctangent
 BEEP               Beep the Speaker
 BIN$               Binary Value, as String
 BLOAD              Load Binary (Memory Image) File
 BSAVE              Save a Binary (Memory Image) File
 CALL               Invoke Procedure or Assembly Subroutine
 CALL ABSOLUTE      Invoke Assembly Subroutine
 CALL INTERRUPT     Invoke a Software Interrupt
 CDBL               Convert to Double Precision
 CEIL               Round to Next Greater Number
 CHAIN              Transfer to Another Program
 CHDIR              Change Directory
 CHR$               Convert ASCII Code to Character
 CINT               Convert to Integer
 CIRCLE             Draw Ellipse on Screen
 CLEAR              Reset All Variables
 CLNG               Convert to Long Integer
 CLOSE              Close File or Device
 CLS                Clear Screen
 COLOR              Set Foreground, Background, and Border Colors
 COM(n)             Enable/Disable Comm Port Trapping
 COMMAND$           Command Line
 COMMON             Pass Variables to CHAINed Program
 COS                Cosine
 CSNG               Convert to Single Precision
 CSRLIN             Line Position of Cursor
 CVD                Convert String to Double-Precision
 CVI                Convert String to Integer
 CVL                Convert String to Long Integer
 CVMD               Convert Microsoft Format to Double Precision
 CVMS               Convert Microsoft Format to Single Precision
 CVS                Convert String to Single Precision
 DATA               Store Constant(s) for Retrieval via READ
 DATE$              Get or Set System Date
 DECR               Decrement
 DEF FN             Define Function
 DEF SEG            Define Segment
 DEFDBL             Define Variable(s) as Double Precision
 DEFINT             Define Variable(s) as Integer
 DEFLNG             Define Variable(s) as Long Integer
 DEFSNG             Define Variable(s) as Single Precision
 DEFSTR             Define Variable(s) as String
 DELAY              Pause for Specified Interval
 DIM                Dimension Array(s)
 DO                 Begin Definition of DO/LOOP
 DRAW               Draw Object
 END                Terminate Program or Structured Block
 ENDMEM             Highest Physical Memory Address
 ENVIRON            Modify Environment Table
 ENVIRON$           Return Environment Table Entry
 EOF                End of File Status
 EQV                Equivalence                               Operator
 ERADR              Address of Most Recent Error
 ERASE              Reset Static Array or Deallocate Dynamic Array
 ERDEV              Critical Error Code
 ERDEV$             Device Causing Critical Error
 ERL                Line Number of Most Recent Error
 ERR                Error Number
 ERROR              Force Error
 EXIT               Exit Structure
 EXP                Exponent (Natural)
 EXP10              Exponent (Base 10)
 EXP2               Exponent (Base 2)
 FIELD              Allocate Space for Random File Variables
 FILES              Display File Directory
 FIX                Truncate to Integer
 FOR                Begin Definition of FOR/NEXT Loop
 FRE                Return Available Memory
 GET (File I/O)     Read Random File into Buffer
 GET (Graphics)     Read Points from Screen
 GET$               Read from BINARY File
 GOSUB              Execute Subroutine
 GOTO               Unconditional Branch
 HEX$               Hexadecimal Value, as String
 IF                 Conditional Branch
 IMP                Implication                               Operator
 INCR               Increment Variable
 INKEY$             Most Recent Character at Keyboard
 INP                Read from an I/O Port
 INPUT              Get Input from Keyboard
 INPUT #            Get Input from Sequential File or Device
 INPUT$             Read Specified Number of Characters
 INSTAT             Keyboard Status
 INSTR              Find Substring
 INT                Next Lower Integer
 IOCTL              Send Control String to Device Driver
 IOCTL$             Read Control String from Device Driver
 KEY                Set or Display Soft Keys
 KEY(n)             Enable/Disable Key Trapping
 KILL               Delete File(s)
 LBOUND             Lower Bound of Array Dimension
 LCASE$             Convert String to Lower Case
 LEFT$              Return Substring at Left
 LEN                Length of String
 LET                Assignment
 LINE               Draw Line or Box
 LINE INPUT         Read Line from Keyboard, Ignoring Delimiters
 LINE INPUT #       Read Line from File, Ignoring Delimiters
 LOC                Current File Position
 LOCAL              Declare Local Variables
 LOCATE             Position the Cursor
 LOF                Length of File
 LOG                Natural Logarithm
 LOG10              Logarithm (Base 10)
 LOG2               Logarithm (Base 2)
 LOOP               End Definition of DO/LOOP Loop
 LPOS               Current Position of Print Head
 LPRINT             Output to LPT1:
 LPRINT USING       Formatted Output to LPT1:
 LSET               Left-Justify Data in Field Variable
 MEMSET             Set Upper Limit of Memory
 MID$               Substring in Middle
 MKD$               Convert Double-Precision to String
 MKDIR              Create Subdirectory
 MKI$               Convert Integer to String
 MKL$               Convert Long Integer to String
 MKMD$              Convert Double-Precision to Microsoft Format
 MKMS$              Convert Single-Precision to Microsoft Format
 MKS$               Convert Single-Precision to String
 MOD                Modulo Arithmetic                         Operator
 MTIMER             Read or Set Microtimer
 NAME               Rename File
 NEXT               End Definition of FOR/NEXT Loop
 NOT                Logical NOT                               Operator
 OCT$               Octal Value, as String
 ON COM             Trap for Communications Activity
 ON ERROR           Enable Error Trapping
 ON KEY             Trap for Keypress
 ON PEN             Trap for Light Pen Activity
 ON PLAY            Trap for Background Music Remaining
 ON STRIG           Trap for Specified Joystick Button
 ON TIMER           Trap for Elapsed Time
 ON...GOSUB         Branch to nth Item in Subroutine List
 ON...GOTO          Branch to nth Item in Line List
 OPEN               Allow File or Device I/O
 OPEN "COM...       Open a Communications File
 OPTION BASE        Set Minimum Array Subscript
 OR                 Logical OR                                Operator
 OUT                Send Byte to Output Port
 PAINT              Fills an Area with a Pattern or Color
 PALETTE            Change Color in the Palette
 PALETTE USING      Change many Colors in the Palette
 PEEK               Return Value at Specified Address
 PEN (Function)     Light Pen Status
 PEN (Statement)    Enable/Disable Pen Read and Trap
 PLAY (Function)    Number of Notes in Background Buffer
 PLAY (Statement)   Play Music
 PLAY (Event Trap)  Enable/Disable Music Trap
 PMAP               Map Physical Coordinates to World
 POINT              Attribute or Value of Screen Coordinate
 POKE               Write Byte to Memory
 POS                Current Cursor Column Position
 PRESET             Draw Point on Screen
 PRINT              Display on Screen
 PRINT #            Output to Sequential File
 PRINT # USING      Formatted Output to File
 PRINT USING        Formatted Screen Display
 PSET               Draw Point on Screen
 PUT (File I/O)     Write Record from Random Buffer to File
 PUT (Graphics)     Plot Array Image on Screen
 PUT$               Write String to Binary File
 RANDOMIZE          Reseed Random Number Generator
 READ               Assign DATA Items to Variables
 REG                Read from or Load into Register Buffer
 REM                Comment
 RESET              Close All Disk Files
 RESTORE            Reset DATA Item Pointer
 RESUME             Continue after Error Trap
 RETURN             Return from Subroutine
 RIGHT$             Substring at Right
 RMDIR              Remove Subdirectory
 RND                Random Number
 RSET               Right-Justify Data in Field Variable
 RUN                Execute Program
 SCREEN (Function)  Character at Specified Location
 SCREEN (Statement) Set Screen Attributes
 SEEK               Set Binary File Pointer
 SELECT             Case Structure
 SGN                Sign of Number
 SHARED             Declare Global Variables
 SHELL              Execute DOS Command
 SIN                Sine
 SOUND              Sound the Speaker
 SPACE$             String of n Spaces
 SPC                Skip n Spaces in a PRINT Statement
 SQR                Square Root
 STATIC             Declare Local Variable(s)
 STICK              Joystick Coordinates
 STOP               Halt Program
 STR$               String Representation of Numeric Expression
 STRIG (Statement)  Enable/Disable the STRIG Function
 STRIG (Function)   Status of Joystick Buttons
 STRING$            String of Specified Length and Character
 SUB...END SUB      Define Procedure
 SUB...INLINE       Define Assembly Language Procedure
 SWAP               Exchange the Values of Two Variables
 SYSTEM             Return to Operating System
 TAB                Tab to Specified Position
 TAN                Tangent
 TIME$              Get or Set System Time
 TIMER (Function)   Number of Seconds since Midnight
 TIMER (Statement)  Enable/Disable Timer Trap
 TROFF              Trace Off
 TRON               Trace On
 UBOUND             Upper Bound of Array Dimension
 UCASE$             Convert String to Upper Case
 VAL                Numeric Value of a String
 VARPTR             Offset of Variable
 VARPTR$            Offset of Variable, in Character Form
 VARSEG             Segment Address of Variable
 VIEW               Define Screen Window or Viewport
 WAIT               Wait for Port Status
 WEND               End Definition of WHILE/WEND Loop
 WHILE              Begin Definition of WHILE/WEND Loop
 WIDTH              Set Output Width
 WINDOW             Redefine Screen Coordinates
 WRITE              Output to Screen
 WRITE #            Output to Sequential File
 XOR                Logical Exclusive OR                      Operator

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