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     ALLOCATE()                          Memory          Function
     ALLTRIM()                           Character       Function
     ARRREST()                           Array           Function
     ARRSAVE()                           Array           Function
     ATLAST()                            Character       Function
     ATNEXT()                            Character       Function
     ATYPE()                             Array           Function
     BASE()                              Numeric         Function
     BASE10()                            Numeric         Function
     BIN()                               Numeric         Function
     BIOSATTR()                          Screen          Function
     BLANK()                             Data            Function
     BOQTR()                             Date            Function
     BOW()                               Date            Function
     BUFFERS()                           System          Function
     CAPFIRST()                          Character       Function
     CDTOS()                             Date            Function
     CEILING()                           Numeric         Function
     CENTER()                            Character       Function
     CHRCOUNT()                          Character       Function
     CHRFOUND()                          Character       Function
     CHRSWAP()                           Character       Function
     CMONTHN()                           Date            Function
     COUNTRY()                           System          Function
     CURDIR()                            System          Function
     CURDRIVE()                          System          Function
     CURSOR                              Screen          Procedure
     DEALLOC()                           Memory          Function
     DEC()                               Numeric         Function
     DECRYPT()                           Character       Function
     DEPDB()                             Business        Function
     DEPSL()                             Business        Function
     DEPVALDB()                          Business        Function
     DEPVALSL()                          Business        Function
     DIRMAKE()                           System          Function
     DOSFUNC                             System          Procedure
     DOSVERS()                           System          Function
     DTOSS()                             Time            Function
     EFFYIELD()                          Business        Function
     ENCRYPT()                           Character       Function
     EOQ()                               Business        Function
     EOQTR()                             Date            Function
     EOW()                               Date            Function
     Error handling                      TRLIB           Info
     EXPAND()                            Character       Function
     EXPONENT()                          Numeric         Function
     FACT()                              Numeric         Function
     FILEREAD()                          File            Function
     FILES()                             System          Function
     FILESIZE()                          File            Function
     FILEWRITE()                         File            Function
     FLDCOUNT()                          Database        Function
     FLR()                               Numeric         Function
     GETAREA()                           Database        Function
     HEX()                               Numeric         Function
     HTOSS()                             Time            Function
     INCTIME()                           Business        Function
     INFINITY()                          Numeric         Function
     INMONTHS()                          Date            Function
     INT3                                Debugging       Procedure
     INWEEKS()                           Date            Function
     INWKDAYS()                          Date            Function
     ISDRIVE()                           System          Function
     ISDSDATE()                          Date            Function
     ISFIXED()                           System          Function
     ISLEAP()                            Date            Function
     ISPRINTER()                         Printer         Function
     ISTSTIME()                          Time            Function
     ISWKEND()                           Date            Function
     LASTDAY()                           Date            Function
     LASTDRIVE()                         System          Function
     LEADCHAR()                          Character       Function
     LINES()                             Memo            Function
     LJUST()                             Character       Function
     LOGNBASX()                          Numeric         Function
     LOGTEN()                            Numeric         Function
     LPTSWAP                             Printer         Procedure
     MAKEDATE()                          Date            Function
     MAKETIME()                          Time            Function
     MANTISSA()                          Numeric         Function
     MEM()                               Memory          Function
     MTOSS()                             Time            Function
     NDXSIZE()                           Database        Function
     NEXTAREA()                          Database        Function
     NTOD()                              Date            Function
     NTXSIZE()                           Database        Function
     OFF()                               System          Function
     PASSWORD()                          Data            Function
     PEEK...()                           Memory          Function
     POKE...()                           Memory          Function
     POWER()                             Numeric         Function
     PRNSTATUS()                         Printer         Function
     PRTSC                               Printer         Procedure
     QUARTER()                           Date            Function
     REG()                               System          Function
     RESTSCR()                           Screen          Function
     RJUST()                             Character       Function
     ROMBIOS                             System          Procedure
     ROOT()                              Numeric         Function
     SAVESCR()                           Screen          Function
     SCRATTR()                           Screen          Function
     SCROLLER()                          Screen          Function
     SEG()                               System          Function
     SOUNDEX()                           Database        Function
     SSTOD()                             Time            Function
     SSTOH()                             Time            Function
     SSTOM()                             Time            Function
     Start from Clipper                  TRHELP          Info
     STOD()                              Date            Function
     STREET()                            Database        Function
     TABSTRIP()                          Memo            Function
     TIMESTR()                           Time            Function
     TOF()                               Printer         Function
     TOMONEY()                           Business        Function
     TSTOH()                             Time            Function
     TSTOM()                             Time            Function
     TSTOS()                             Time            Function
     WEEKDAYS()                          Date            Function
     WPSTRIP()                           Memo            Function
     WRAP()                              Character       Function
     _FILEATTR                           File            Procedure
     _MEMDUMP                            Debugging       Procedure
     _OFFSET                             Memory          Procedure
     _SEGMENT                            Memory          Procedure
     _TR_VERS()                          TRLIB           Function

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