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 DOS extended programs
 When linking DOS extended or dual mode programs it is always necessary to
 include an additional Blinker library for the appropriate compiler. This
 library contains replacement .OBJs for any .OBJs in the compiler library
 which are not protected mode compatible.

 The Blinker libraries all have names of the form BLXcccnn, where ccc
 indicates the vendor and compiler, and nn indicates the compiler version
 number. They are all compiled as large model and so should only be used with
 large and huge model programs.

 The appropriate compiler library must always be SEARCHed just before the
 standard compiler library or the script file containing the compiler

 For example, with Microsoft Visual C++:

 SEARCH BLXMVC15   # Blinker library
 LIB LLIBCE        # MSVC library

 or with CA-Clipper 5.3:

 SEARCH BLXCLP53   # Blinker library
 LIB CLIPPER       # CA-Clipper library


 SEARCH BLXCLP53   # Blinker library
 @CL530MID         # Script containing CA-Clipper library

 If the compiler library is not explicitly mentioned then place the SEARCH of
 the Blinker library as the last library in the link file.

 When using third-party libraries please ensure that they are protected mode
 or dual mode compatible before attempting to use them in a DOS extended
 program. Blinkinc cannot guarantee that any particular library is either
 overlayable or protected mode compatible or both. Please refer to the file
 3RDPARTY.TXT for up-to-date details on known compatibility issues.

 The third party libraries should typically be placed before the SEARCH of
 the Blinker library unless otherwise documented in the third party product.
 Please refer to Chapter 3, 'DOS Extended/Dual Mode programs' for more

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