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 .RTLink/Plus                              Pocket Soft, Inc.
 .RTPatch                                  Pocket Soft, Inc.
 123CONNECTION                             Stingray Corporation
 4Print                                    Korenthal Associates, Inc.
 AHOY                                      Pilot Software
 ALIB+                                     Microdome Enterprises of NJ, Inc.
 ALINK                                     Aladdin Publishing
 Artful Two                                Artful Applications
 Artful.Lib                                Artful Applications
 ASE 2.0                                   Black & White International, Inc.
 AX-S4                                     SISCO, INC
 BABELPDX (Multi-user)                     SuccessWare, Inc.
 BABELPDX (Single-user)                    SuccessWare, Inc.
 Bar Code Library                          StrandWare, Inc.
 Bear Rock Labeler                         Bear Rock Technologies Corp
 Beckner Library & Utilities               BecknerVision Inc.
 Big Browz                                 Black Oak Computer Services, Inc.
 Blinker                                   Blink, Inc
 BRIEF                                     Solution Systems
 BroPLUS Professional Database Browse Uti  SmartCode Programming
 Builder                                   hyperkinetix, inc.
 Byte4 Bit Mapping                         Micron, Inc.
 Byte4 Data Compression                    Micron, Inc.
 Calc(DB)                                  Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 CAS400                                    T.L. Creates, Inc.
 ChartBuilder.OBJ                          Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 Clarinet                                  Stingray Corporation
 Class(y)                                  Integrated Development Corporation
 CLEAR for dBASE                           CLEAR Software, Inc.
 CLIP/DB-Bridge                            Interware
 Clip2                                     Dabiwa, Ltd.
 CLIP2EB                                   SuccessWare, Inc.
 Clipback                                  BusinessPlus Corporation
 ClipOn                                    ProWare Corporation
 ClipSpool                                 High Technology Software Corp
 ClipSQL for Gupta SQLBase/DB2             Aladdin Publishing
 ClipSQL for Microsoft SQL Server/Sybase   Aladdin Publishing
 ClipText                                  High Technology Software Corp
 ClipWin                                   Diamondware
 CLIPWKS                                   Grumpfish, Inc.
 ClipWord/SpellClip                        ACTION PLUS SOFTWARE
 CLIPX                                     GG Compu-Systems
 CodeBar                                   Software Concepts, Inc.
 Colorcube                                 Marasys Inc.
 COMET                                     CompuSolve
 COMET-MP                                  CompuSolve
 CommTools                                 Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 Copy-Safe                                 Systems Solvers
 CUAccess                                  Custom Micro Concepts, Inc.
 dANALYST GOLD                             Buzzwords International, Inc.
 Data Junction: Professional               Tools & Techniques
 dB RACE                                   Loadstone Inc.
 dbdBAK                                    Data Base Designs
 dBEST Printer Drivers                     HALLoGRAM PUBLISHING
 dBEST Toolbox                             HALLoGRAM PUBLISHING
 dBFind                                    Software Development Factory
 dbPower                                   New Data Systems, Inc.
 dbPUBLISHER PRO+                          Digital Composition Systems Inc.
 dBRIEF                                    Solution Systems
 dBSQL-C for Microsoft SQL Server          DataWiz International
 dBSQL-C for Sybase SQL Server             DataWiz International
 dBTOOLS                                   HALLoGRAM PUBLISHING
 DBx - 'Clipper to C' Translator           Desktop Ai
 DBXStore                                  Compass Publishing
 dbZIPFILE                                 Datatron Systems, Inc.
 dCLIP                                     Donnay Software Designs
 dCLIP jr.                                 Donnay Software Designs
 Delta File                                hyperkinetix, inc.
 Demo IT!                                  hyperkinetix, inc.
 dGE                                       Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 dGE Font Library Volume I                 Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 dGE Icon Library Volume I                 Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 dGT - Developer's Edition                 Blackhawk Data Corporation
 dGT Database Graphics Toolkit             Blackhawk Data Corporation
 DispFile                                  Taylor Data Services
 dMILL Network Kit for Clipper             Database Software Consultants
 DOTT                                      MICRODYNE
 dPAGE                                     HALLoGRAM PUBLISHING
 dPICT                                     Paragon Technical Services
 dQUERY                                    Quadbase Systems Inc.
 DrillDown                                 Specialized Systems and Software
 dSALVAGE PROFESSIONAL                     Comtech Publishing Ltd.
 DVT: Database Visualization Tool          IntelligenceWare
 dWRAP II                                  C/LAN Software
 Ecstasy (X2c)                             Desktop Ai
 EditMate Class Library                    OBJECTive Software
 EMUL4                                     M.A.P. Systems, Inc.
 EPScreen                                  Legend Communications, Inc.
 Escape                                    Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 Expert Help - Distribution Kit 1          SofSolutions
 Expert Help - Distribution Kit 2          SofSolutions
 Expert Help - Network Version             SofSolutions
 Expert Help - Personal Use                SofSolutions
 ExtendBase for NetWare 386                Extended Systems
 EZ Mouse                                  High Technology Software Corp
 EZ-INSTALL/Installation Aid               The Software Factory, Inc.
 EZ_PRINT                                  Pogoda Systems Corp.
 Fast Text Search for Clipper              Index Applications Incorporated
 FastBrowse                                Softsystems, Inc.
 FAXual.lib                                Extrasensory Software
 FixPrint                                  M.A.P. Systems, Inc.
 FlexFile                                  Ganahl Software, Inc.
 Flipper                                   ProWorks
 Formcode/Gen                              Micronix Inc
 freshWin                                  Artful Applications
 FUNCky                                    dLESKO, Inc.
 GENIFER                                   Bytel Corporation
 GENSYS Source Code                        Rytech International Inc.
 GetIt                                     Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 Gilmore Remote API for Clipper            Gilmore Software Development, Inc.
 GraphBASE                                 Softwell Development Corp.
 Grumpfish Library                         Grumpfish, Inc.
 Grumpfish Menu                            Grumpfish, Inc.
 GX Effects                                Genus Microprogramming, Inc.
 GX Graphics                               Genus Microprogramming, Inc.
 GX Text                                   Genus Microprogramming, Inc.
 Head Fix                                  HILCO Software
 HI-SCREEN Pro II                          Softway, Inc.
 hmcsClip                                  hmcs inc
 Hold Everything                           South Mountain Software, Inc.
 Integrated Development Library            Integrated Development Corporation
 Intelligent Query (IQ)                    IQ Software Corporation
 IXL: The Discovery Machine                IntelligenceWare
 KBase Data Driven Environment             Quantrex Corporation
 Laser Pro                                 HALLoGRAM PUBLISHING
 Lines, Boxes, Etc. - Standard             M.A.P. Systems, Inc.
 Logic Gem                                 Sterling Castle
 LQPatch                                   M.A.P. Systems, Inc.
 MemoPlus (File Server)                    Platinum Software International
 MemoPlus (Single-user)                    Platinum Software International
 MenuMate Class Library                    OBJECTive Software
 Mouse Driver                              Compass Publishing
 Multi-Edit Professional                   American Cybernetics, Inc.
 Multi-Edit Standard                       American Cybernetics, Inc.
 Nanforum Toolkit                          Nantucket Users' Forum (NANFORUM)
 NetBar                                    Software Concepts, Inc.
 NetLib                                    Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 Network System Calls for Clipper          Benning Computer Systems
 NORTAK dBREPORT                           Nortak Software
 NovLib                                    Artful Applications
 NTXRAP87.LIB                              HIS Systems, Inc.
 NTX_RAP5.LIB                              HIS Systems, Inc.
 OverLay()                                 SofDesign International, Inc.
 PadBase                                   R2Z, inc.
 PATH-MATE                                 Pathfinder Data Systems, Inc.
 PATH-VIEW                                 Pathfinder Data Systems, Inc.
 PayChek                                   Softsystems, Inc.
 PCX Toolkit                               Genus Microprogramming, Inc.
 PGL ToolKit                               Ansoft, Inc.
 PhDbase Developer's Edition               Korenthal Associates, Inc.
 Pleiades                                  Sirius Software Development, Inc.
 PopMate Class Library                     OBJECTive Software
 PostScript Library                        Extrasensory Software
 Print Q                                   Software Directions
 Print Q LAN                               Software Directions
 PrintBar II                               Bear Rock Technologies Corp
 PrintCache - The Lightning Fast Print Bu  LaserTools Corporation
 ProClip                                   SofDesign International, Inc.
 Protection Plus Professional              ProPlus Software
 ProVision:Windows                         SofDesign International, Inc.
 PS ERROR                                  Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 PS/DOSPrint                               M.A.P. Systems, Inc.
 PSFX                                      Legend Communications, Inc.
 PSFXnet                                   Legend Communications, Inc.
 QEdit Advanced                            SemWare
 Quadbase-SQL                              Quadbase Systems Inc.
 Quadbase-SQL/Win                          Quadbase Systems Inc.
 QuickFix-2                                HILCO Software
 QuickFix-2 Developer                      HILCO Software
 QuickPix                                  PowerSoft, Inc.
 QuickView Plus                            Seabreeze Engineering Associates, Inc.
 R&R Code Generator                        Concentric Data Systems, Inc.
 R&R Report Writer for dBASE               Concentric Data Systems, Inc.
 Rad                                       Hilton Productions
 RaSQL/B                                   Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 RaSQL/X                                   Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 RFW                                       PITTsoft
 RLIB 3.0                                  RLIB Software
 ScrImage                                  Synergy Corp.
 ScrlMate Class Library                    OBJECTive Software
 SEGUE-NC                                  HRF Associates, Inc.
 SEZ YOU Professional                      Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.
 SilverClip Library (SPCS)                 SilverWare, Inc.
 SilverComm "C" Interface                  SilverWare, Inc.
 SilverComm Library (SPCS)                 SilverWare, Inc.
 SilverPaint Library                       SilverWare, Inc.
 Smart Templates                           Management Factware
 SmartMem                                  Integrated Development Corporation
 Soft.Clip                                 Softsystems, Inc.
 SOS Help!                                 Lamaura Development Limited
 Sourcerer's Apprentice                    Solution Systems
 SPELCHEK                                  MICRODYNE
 SPYGLASS                                  MICRODYNE
 STAGE                                     IS Technology
 StarClass                                 Loesgen Software
 SubNtx() Library                          Moon Microsystems
 Sunshow "C" Language Image Library        Sun Country Software, Inc.
 Sunshow Advanced Image Toolkit            Sun Country Software, Inc.
 Sunshow Database Professional             Sun Country Software, Inc.
 Super.Lib Professional (Multi-user)       Functional Software, Inc.
 Super.Lib Professional (Single-user)      Functional Software, Inc.
 SuperClass                                Compass Publishing
 SuperClass II Professional                Compass Publishing
 SuperMenu                                 Functional Software, Inc.
 Symmetry IV                               Symmetry Software Inc.
 SymPublish                                Symbiotic Information Systems Corp.
 SymScript                                 Symbiotic Information Systems Corp.
 T-BASE                                    Videotex Systems, Inc.
 TalTech Clipper Functions                 TalTech
 TAME                                      PowerSoft, Inc.
 Telepathy                                 Extrasensory Software
 TextPro                                   Exception Processing
 The Clip/++ Extension for Clipper         Software Perspectives
 The Documentor                            Wallsoft/Template Garden Software
 The Dynamic Data Dictionary               Lamaura Development Limited
 The Lamaura Data Dictionary               Lamaura Development Limited
 The Translator's Apprentice               Frontier Software Services
 Time Trak                                 Softsystems, Inc.
 TransPortal PRO                           The Frustum Group, Inc.
 TSRific                                   South Mountain Software, Inc.
 UI Programmer                             Wallsoft/Template Garden Software
 UI2 Touch & Go                            Wallsoft/Template Garden Software
 UnClip                                    Aladdin Publishing
 Valkyrie                                  CodeWorks
 Viewit Power Browser Class Library        OBJECTive Software
 Visage                                    Document Image Development Corp.
 VSELECT                                   Vassar Software
 WarpLink                                  hyperkinetix, inc.
 WishList                                  Source Technologies
 WishMenu                                  Source Technologies
 Word Wrapper                              Strategic Edge
 Word Wrapper Toolbox                      Strategic Edge
 WordSPELL                                 HALLoGRAM PUBLISHING
 Xtab - DBF Business Statistics            Quality Data Systems Inc
 Zachary                                   Zachary Software, Inc.
 ZIP/Clip                                  Effective Data Solutions
 ZipCode/Clip                              ACTION PLUS SOFTWARE

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