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 Summary of Blinker features
 DOS extender
 16 and 32 bit Windows linker
 Compression of executable programs
 Dual mode programs
 DOS dynamic overlay linker

 Link speed
 Memory swapper
 Debugger support
 Demonstration versions
 Serial number feature
 Industry standard file formats
 One development tool for many programming environments
 No runtime royalties

 CA-Clipper specific features
 Incremental linking
 Symbol table compression
 Dynamic paging system
 Environment burn-in

 Getting started
 The README.WRI file
 System requirements
 Setting up the environment
 Reading MS Link and TLINK link script files

 Running the DOS version of Blinker under Windows

 Registration and technical support
 Information required when contacting technical support
 Electronic mail technical support
 U.S. and Canadian technical support
 European technical support
 Overseas technical support

 License agreement

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